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We offer smart solution for detection of available parking places at the streets and navigation to them

Current parking challenges


Up to 1/3 of downtown traffic jams are caused by cars searching for a parking space


Drivers don’t know about available parking spaces


Drivers are getting angry, stressed, tired and experience personal discomfort while looking for available parking space


Lots of hours are lost in traffic jams and useless driving


Traffic jams, endless driving, search traffic and increasing CO2 emission cause environmental degradation

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How it works

Our solution saves time, saves money, increases parking revenue, decreases CO2 emission and fuel consumption as well as provides comfortable conditions for driving.

How it works
How it works
How it works

Using the app allows the driver to:

  • get navigation to the nearest available parking space;
  • check pricing for the parking and pay for it.

Guido website provides all the services for the end users as well as access to the administering module and personal cabinet.

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GUIDO is a solution based on advanced technologies of computer vision, artificial intelligence and neural network. This solution provides benefits for:

  • drivers;
  • city authorities;
  • parking operators.

With GUIDO city authorities have an opportunity to:

  • use limited parking spaces in an effective way;
  • improve citizen satisfaction by well-organized traffic;
  • increase parking revenues by strict monitoring;
  • optimize searching traffic;
  • improve driving comfort by minimizing parking time.

With GUIDO drivers have an opportunity to:

  • know about available parking spaces in their destination;
  • plan their route taking into consideration available and occupied parking spaces;
  • continue their route to the nearest available parking space;
  • save time while searching for available parking spaces.

With GUIDO parking operators have an opportunity to:

  • reduce the costs for encashment;
  • reduce capital expenditures for parking meter;
  • automate control;
  • provide flexible tariff policy, the system gives the information when and for how long each car owner was staying on the parking space.


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